Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why give up on a bush of beautiful roses because of a few stinky caterpillars

Nothing is gonna tear us apart
This I am gonna make sure of
I promise
Not even you fuckers S M L are going to tear us apart no matter how close you think you are with "us"

I dream of a day when SML will -fuck off ~:) from ours truly zes life forever and ever and ever and everrr

Oh well
Buddha says," holding on to anger on someone is like holding on to a piece of hot charcoal, before we throw it to someone we hate, we are the ones who will get burned"

So I shall not be angry, I shall not hate.. I shall try my very best to wait for the day they are gone forever!
For as caterpillars shall turn into butterflies and fly away one day, but those will be ugly butterflies! Be gone thou putrid fools!

Peace v
I miss my McDonald buddy..the one whom I go with at weird hours..haha

Monday, November 12, 2012

You think you are not good enough

But I think you are the best!
So stop whining like a bleeding goat***
Like you said ;)
Shall one day publish a book entitled *The Life of a Stalker*

Sounds promising XD

Friday, November 2, 2012

I don't need love
I just need you
By my side

January faster come!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Can a guy and a girl really be best friends?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Phases of life

When I just started attending primary school, I used to count all the tiles in my house toilet one by one whenever I go for a looongg poo-poo.

When I was in the middle of primary school, I counted all the tiles at each side then multiply to get the total number of tiles instead when I was doing some 'big business'.
So called having upgraded my intelligence ha-ha

Then when I started entering secondary school, going to the loo is just merely releasing your gut discomfort and nothing more. No counting anything whatsoever.

Same goes to the time when I finished secondary school and promoted to pre-university and university life. All that mattered was getting the business in the washroom settled ASAP cause I don't wanna miss a thing in the outside world.

Then when I finally graduated from university, all of a sudden the moment i have now when I was pass-motioning is always the reminisce of what I have been doing last time when I was a kid, and I had enjoyed counting the tiles. I wanted to reignite the eagerness to count all the tiles, but things are just not the same as it is before anymore. I am just too tired for that having been working the whole day outside and squeezing my brain juice for the future. Yet, I have no regrets, as I can still savour upon the memories I had as a kid in the toilet poo-pooing.

It then makes me wonder, when I finally climbed to the highest level of my life, with everything in my life to-do list ticked, achievements stacking one upon another, however health deteriorating with age, till then will I look back in time when I am still able to go to the toilet by myself, as I might be sitting on a wheelchair and perhaps settling my business on diapers in future.

The answer is Yes I will.. And why am I comparing my life to moments in toilets?
I am not.
Yet I donot deny that the urge to go to the loo is always an exciting feeling and the moment business is done in the loo is always one of the most satisfactory moment(if only you have things to release). Come on! Don't make that yucky expression! I bet deep down down you feel the same way I do.. Hiak

I just wanna say that what I wrote clearly pictured the different phases of life everyone of us go through. We cannot re-ignite any of these phases for the second time. We don't have to do so.

We just have to embrace every single changes that God has arranged for us in life, live every phases of our life with no regrets. And every memories placed in our minds from every phases will make us reminisce and smile. Be it good or bad. Bear in mind that any misfortunes we had in life or when life doesn't go the way we wanted, these are not regrets, it is actually a golden experience in which we will be grateful we have been through and overcome them when we think back of them in the future.

I am still trying to learn to live my life to the fullest. I hope everyone will too ;)

This is just my random thoughts. Thanks for reading andddd Good night!;)